Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zen of Neato blog... go there.

Ok, I just realized I needed to give a another shout out to a great blog:
The Zen of Neato.
I've told you guys before... but really...just go. Look. Enjoy.
Great stuff, TONS of posts, the guy works hard to stay on top of ain't easy posting all the time or keeping new content coming... you all can see what a bad job I have been doing of that!

Just go give him some love.

I leave you with pics swiped from the ZON of Rigids being used for adventuring, a nice light little Triumph drag bike, and a skinny bike being flogged...

..annndd one more

Very cool Knuckle drag bike from the Zen OF Neato blog:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Readers bikes

Got a cool email from Eli the other day who is building a nice Attack chopper of his own, inspired by the older NYC style bikes the old Iron Horse magazine used to feature. He also attached a few shots of Steg's bike that I have been hoping to find, but have eluded me up to this point.
Eli's chopper is running a 113 Patrick racing motor and looks like it would be a blast!

Thanks for the email Eli! Good luck with the build, and send more pics when you are finished!