Friday, September 30, 2011

Long time no post.

Been ages yo.
Long story.
Just thought I should pop in a show you guys this if you haven't seen it.

The Bolts action blog rules.
As does this video, and the bike.

Jeremy Jones Bikes of Bolts from Seth Huot on Vimeo.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zen of Neato blog... go there.

Ok, I just realized I needed to give a another shout out to a great blog:
The Zen of Neato.
I've told you guys before... but really...just go. Look. Enjoy.
Great stuff, TONS of posts, the guy works hard to stay on top of ain't easy posting all the time or keeping new content coming... you all can see what a bad job I have been doing of that!

Just go give him some love.

I leave you with pics swiped from the ZON of Rigids being used for adventuring, a nice light little Triumph drag bike, and a skinny bike being flogged...

..annndd one more

Very cool Knuckle drag bike from the Zen OF Neato blog:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Readers bikes

Got a cool email from Eli the other day who is building a nice Attack chopper of his own, inspired by the older NYC style bikes the old Iron Horse magazine used to feature. He also attached a few shots of Steg's bike that I have been hoping to find, but have eluded me up to this point.
Eli's chopper is running a 113 Patrick racing motor and looks like it would be a blast!

Thanks for the email Eli! Good luck with the build, and send more pics when you are finished!

Monday, February 28, 2011

New Motoyan pix!

Our pal Motoyan is back, and he has some great shots as usual!
I'm especially happy to see these here of Jasin Phares awesome Shovelhead. This is the same one that Jasin rode all over with Max Schaff a while back on a big road trip. I am sure he has probably poured the miles on that baby since then. Looks like a really great, tight chopper.

New Motoyan pix!

And then take a look at this awesome Panhead that he shot! Built by Evil Spirit Engineering!

Random inspirational bikes

3 Nice GSXR powered choppers that I found floating around on the web!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Random inspirational bikes

A cool one from the Lucky Monkey blog!

Random inspirational bikes

Our man in the as it were sent in this shot he found of a tasteful Sporty.
Nice work Playa!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's 2 am I'm exhausted, and can't sleep because the meds I'm on for my Bronchitis make me dizzy, makes my stomach hurt all the time and won't let me sleep. Plus my mouth tastes like I got my teeth pulled.

I haven't been posting anything lately because life has been .... interesting.
Attempting to change careers, vehicle purchases, illnesses, snowstorms, computer crashes, massive data loss, severe lack of fundage, life, life and more life.

So, I don't got much for you guys. Sorry.

However... trying to wear my brain out so I can sleep has turned up one great shot that I think you should all see: Another shot of Cherry on his Panhead by the amazing Motoyan.

Yan's still got it. I hope he never stops taking pictures....

Get some sleep for me will you guys? This sucks.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random inspirational bikes

The boys at Coconut Customs are at it again. Nice shot guys.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Random inspirational bikes

great stuff from the Zen OF Neato blog.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tom Rose's FXR

What can I say about Tom Rose, and brother Joel's FXRs?

To start with we are dealing with a very unique situation... the two bikes you see here were both purchased by Tom and Joel on the same day, came from the same crate and were absolutely identical in every way when they were bought.
They are even consecutive serial numbered bikes.

Tom says:
"Bob Chip at C&c cycle in Chariton Iowa quoted me a price that may have been below his cost on the bikes, then he held the price. Joel and I paid $7300 apiece. Retail that year was like $8600. I think the margin was about $1000. "Chippy" is an honest man. I made payments for 3 years."
I find it very fascinating to see how different both the bikes turned out to be.

It's been a 23 years give or take, and both bikes are still being ridden and used today by their only owners... and both are still just as amazing and incredibly capable as they were back when the articles were written.
Both were (and still are) way ahead of their time. Built by brilliant, forward thinking men during a era when it wasn't cool to own FXR's (lets face it... it was totally repulsive to own them) and only a few people knew how well they worked.
Tom's FXR (Kiback) has 235,000 miles on it now, and has been refined since the original article, but most of those refinements have been minor. The original motor was pulled out somewhere around 180,000 miles and replaced with a 100" Revtech motor in an attempt to get it on the road quickly. He still plans on rebuilding the stock 80" motor and running that again someday as well as a dual carb setup with a true dual track manifold.
He is currently building a new tranny with the Rev-Tech one piece main shaft kicker and Rev-Tech gears.
Tom lives in a mountainous area and so Kiback has to function as a all terrain adventure motorcycle. Basically, you are looking at a very, very large dirt bike.
Kiback gets Tom around on dirt, snow, ice, mud, gravel and pavement on a very, VERY regular basis and he has done all that with street tires...but he will be running enduro/dual sport tires by Spring.
Tom still hates battery's, electric starters and starter buttons with a hatred that burns hotter than a ten thousand suns, and happily kicks his magneto powered monster to life every time. He has told me on several occasions that he has never once regretted converting to kick only and magneto in all these years.
Tom continues to R&D his black wolf on a regular basis, most recently he switched to some Biltwell tracker bars because he had managed to bend his ultralight bars while trying not to crash in some nasty mud. He reported that not only are the Biltwell bars incredibly strong, and amazingly well built, but they are as light as his previous bars... so you know he is thrilled about that. He has also managed to shave a few pounds off here and there and is still always looking for more weight to jettison. He is now starting to resort to titanium to net as much weight loss as possible.

Tom still owns just Kiback. He has no other motorcycle for any use, and still wouldn't trade Kiback for anything else out there today.

Here are some more shots that Tom has sent me of him adventuring on his big black wolf bike.

Brother Joel has recently redesigned his intakes, and is now trying a set of hard bags to see if he likes them. He is also experimenting with hydroforming some exhaust components for it. It still runs very...very...hard.
It should be pointed out that as fast as it was when the article was written... it still needed to be dialed in a bit and it is now much faster than it was at the time.

A very special thank you goes out to Sal from Hard Life bikes for hooking me up with the magazines... I haven't been able to find my old copies for years... you rule dude.