Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good parts. Demon Tweeks

Go here.


Valid Modes Of Transportaion.
That's what Flynch used to call it.

1000 miles on a rigid Triumph.

External inspiration post: DEATH DOZERS!!!!

Ok, pet obsession of mine.
You may not get into this but I really LOVE D series CAT's.
Actually... any dozer really.
BUT... Death Dozers fascinate me more than all of them.

Soooo... I don't know if you guys can acutally pull any inspiration from these or not... but I don't care.
Armored D-9 CAT's inspire me like crazy.

Key Inspirational bikes: Rouserworks Sportys

Ok, so I have been holding this off for a long time because Rob from Rouserworks and I have been doing an extended email interview for some months now and I had hoped to post all these pics of his bikes when I put up the interview.
HOWEVER... my life has gotten SO busy, SO cluttered and SO nuts lately that I have no idea when I will be able to get around to finishing up the interview or writing the article.
SO... I have come to the conclusion that it would be foolish for me to not post these pics and get some great inspiration out there immediately since I know of at least two intrepid truth seekers out there that are wrestling with a build at this very moment high in a mountain bunker safe from the prying eyes of the evil, and the mediocre: boys, take a good look, get out your scientific calculators, fire up some math rock in the shop and get crackin.
(Cause when you are done there you have to get to workin on my jet pack project!)

So Rob, thanks for your patience... sorry I haven't gotten anything done on the interview... I hope seeing your awesome attack choppers up here and given some of the recognition they deserve is some sort of payment for all the waiting!
And I should probably confess to you now... I'm pissed that you beat me to that skidplate! I was planning on running one JUST like that one!

So folks without further delay... here are the light, skinny, fast, and crashable (Rob is his own R&D department!) Attack Choppers of Roserworks that absolutely positively ALSO DO DIRT!
(Check out his blog here... and BTW... he takes good pictures too!)

AND..... Gary Griffith also took some of those shots and HE takes excellent photos as well.
Love his blogs... check them out. He has a book coming out soon ... Called Idle hands!
Thanks Gary and Rob!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Random inspirational bikes

Cool Shovel from Japan.
Some brakes and some hydraulic forks would go a lonnnnggg way..... I'm just saying!LIGHT, SKINNY, FAST, HANDLES GOOD, GROUND CLEARANCE, dual 16's, jockey shift, magneto, no battery

Guys.... I hate to point this out to you.... but the Japanese are winning!
(Aren't you going to do something?)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random inspirational bikes

Sweet skinny shovelhead from ................... Sigh... why do I bother?'s from Japan.

LIGHT, SKINNY, FAST, GROUND CLEARANCE, HANDLES GOOD, STOPS GOOD, frisco pegs, high pipes, jockey shift and the skinniest tank I have ever seen...EVER.
And I want a seat JUST LIKE THAT.

Random inspirational bikes

Intersting shovel from Japan.
LIGHT, SKINNY, FAST, GROUND CLEARANCE, HANDLES GOOD, frisco pegs, high pipes, jockey shift, dual 16's.

Random skinny

Random inspirational bikes

nice tight Shovel from Atomic customs.

Random inspirational bikes

Another sweet narrow Shovel from Japan.

Random Inspirational bikes

Very sweet Knuckle from Japan.
LIGHT,SKINNY, FAST, GROUND CLEARANCE, HANDLES GOOD, STOPS GOOD, high pipes, mid pegs, magneto, no battery, lightweight Ackront wheels (to bad the front one is a 21' and not an 18, 19 or 16.)

Random inspirational bikes

Cool stripped down Indian.
LIGHT, SKINNY, FAST, GROUND CLEARANCE, tank shift, dual 16's, magneto

Random Inspirational bikes

More shots from Motoyan.
LIGHT, SKINNY, FAST, GROUND CLEARANCE, HANDLES GOOD, mid pegs, jockey shift, high pipes, light Ackront wheels