Monday, May 4, 2009

Total Hero: Flynch. This is the house that Flynch built... I'm just living in it.

He's a brilliant writer, an amazing guy, a great painter, a fast rider, a true surviver, a tireless blue collar hero,one of the hardest working men I know, and a mans man.
(Think Charlton Heston but... with a chopper.)

He coined the term, "Performance chopper" and was the man who inspired me to give up the long bikes and start rockin. Without him I wouldn't be here today.
We owe a lot to Mr. Flynch.

But above all he's my best freind.
Here's to you buddy.
Thanks for everything.

Check out his new Blog here:


  1. what happen to flynch i loved readin all the stuff he wrote in mags

  2. He's alive and well, and working hard as a blue collar hero.
    He has promised to contribute a bit here and there to the blog when he gets a chance.