Saturday, February 6, 2010

More adventure vehicles from Dougs ride report

There is also a lot of great off the wall vehicles that Doug comes across on his trip, I thought I would post them up also...

These three guys work for Vibes magazine in Tokyo.

This old guy toured all of Russia on this scooter...

There's a little XL250 Honda under all this... note the cage by the exhasust for cooking food while he is riding and the denimn tank bags.
That clay sewer pipe on the handlebars? Camera protector.

This is Rolands bike, from Hungary. He was riding it to Turkey & Georgia. its a 69 sportster chopper with a peanut tank.


  1. Since your featuring some Russian bikes here I felt compelled to add one of my favorites in the link below. But sadly, I can't differentiate between a Ural and a Dnepr. Perhaps not the narrowest as per your manifesto, but it is afterall, a boxer.

    And then if I could post pics here I'd add some of my diesel bike build. I believe it to fit the criteria of the manifesto rather nicely.

  2. Very cool! Yeah, the heads might be a bit on the wide side... but it's still a cool bike!

    Well, send me some pics of your diesel bike and I'll check it out man! Sounds cool!
    Send em here!