Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My bad, My bad.

So yeah... I am still alive.
I have been working a ton of hours, and life has been really crazy.

Yeah, I know... but seriously... I work for a living. 2 jobs. And I have a family.
And I have been shooting weddings... and fixing my Fuel injected vehicles in the middle of thunderstorms in hotel parking lots.
And the TIV is back in my town tonight... AGAIN.
So you know what that means!

Dont' let anyone tell you that tornado alley is a boring place to live.

I still have plenty of articles in the works and Tom Rose has been kind enough to volunteer to write some excellent stuff as well... all coming sometime in the future.

Annnnnddddd.... there MAY be a new attack chopper in my life sometime soon if I can get some road trip plans ironed out.
Nothing set in stone yet... but things look promising.

But the real reason for my post was not to make excuses...(really it wasn't) it was to let you all in on a little secret... there are some EXCELLENT Tom Rose FXR adventure riding photos coming soon on Flynchs blog!
I've seen the pics... trust me... good stuff.
You BMW guys are gonna want to see this.
Just make Flynch's blog your home page....

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