Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random inspirational bikes

Been a while guys... sorry, but I've been REALLY busy and have been pretty burnt out on bloggin lately.
It's just one of those things that happens.
Been a bummer couple of months. Had to sell all my projects, and 99% of my parts stash, in order to pay bills and get a new CPU. (Yep ANOTHER hard drive crash. This time I may have lost massive amounts of photos.)
So, been kinda anti-social ... however... a trip over to the fantastic "Kemosabe and the Lodge" blog this morning has done wonders for my mood.
Love this blog, and Josh Kurpius is one of the greatest photographers/motojournalists around.
Swiped these pics from him... much respect and all credit to Mr. Kurpius.
Thanks for cheering me up man.

And take a look at some more details on the Pan over at Chopcult:


  1. Fuck Bird that last pan is one of my personal fav's

    You probably already saw this

    sick nasty nasty bike, so well built, it's just got the whole manifesto down, with the exception of the pipes being low, but those gnarly fat rubbers keep the profile high enough, who am I kidding I'd sell my soul for that machine!


  2. Oop! I forgot to post that link! Thanks for reminding me!

  3. Mate i feel your pain i've had to let go my black sporty and my fighter gsx chop...gutted but no work avaiable and times are tough...tings can only get better..!!

  4. Oh man... that sucks!
    TOTALLY hurts... hope things get better for you as well dude.
    Winter is coming, tons of snow and misery are in store for me... hopefully things will turn around in the spring!