Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It's 2 am I'm exhausted, and can't sleep because the meds I'm on for my Bronchitis make me dizzy, makes my stomach hurt all the time and won't let me sleep. Plus my mouth tastes like I got my teeth pulled.

I haven't been posting anything lately because life has been .... interesting.
Attempting to change careers, vehicle purchases, illnesses, snowstorms, computer crashes, massive data loss, severe lack of fundage, life, life and more life.

So, I don't got much for you guys. Sorry.

However... trying to wear my brain out so I can sleep has turned up one great shot that I think you should all see: Another shot of Cherry on his Panhead by the amazing Motoyan.

Yan's still got it. I hope he never stops taking pictures....

Get some sleep for me will you guys? This sucks.


  1. sorry to hear that, what doesnt kill you.....

  2. Yep life has a way of fucking ya up every so often...keep yer spirits up and get better my friend...Adh mor ort..!!