Monday, November 30, 2009

CPU is STILL broken guys....

... I do apologize for the huge delay.
Money is as tight as can be, and my CPU has seen better days.

On the up side, I have two new articles in the works for your reading pleasure, the second draft is almost done on one of them, and another in the planning stages now.

I will do my best to get some new pics up soon.

Hope you guys are getting some riding done! It was 26 degrees this morning... yuck.

Tell you what... I feel so bad about this huge gap in my posting... I will post whatever weird and random stuff I can find on my laptop, OK?
It won't be the usual fare, but lets just see what I can find that might function as decent external insipration for you builders out there, alright?


  1. Get err fixed man, always been a fan of evading, pursuing and surviving. How bout some Tees.... E P S ?

  2. Yeah, I have thought about tee's and stickers... but right now finances are at an all time low... will be doing good to keep my house... tee's and stickers will have to wait!
    But they are in the planning stages!

    Glad you dig it!