Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tom Rose tells us why kickers are the only option pt. 1

Ok folks, so my computer is still broke down and I have been getting by on my laptop, which is really not very useful for posting great pics of Attack choppers on this blog, when all my photos were on THE OTHER COMPUTER...but,I have been dying to get back to posting, and I have been trying to round up some new photos to post from the laptop while the main CPU goes under the knife.

In the meantime, Tom Rose has been working on an article for your reading pleasure,and further Attack Chopper education and he really came through for us bigtime. Tom wrote a short introduction to a 5 spd kicker conversion review in Iron Horse magazine years ago that I fell in love with from the first reading and I think it is just as relevant today as it was back then.

Tom's latest article is meant to be the next installment of that first article in Iron Horse, so I have posted the original here for your edification, and then the second below.

For those of you who don't know who Tom Rose is... shame on you.... you will still have to wait for the upcoming interview with him that is in the works, but i'm going to let Flynch give you a small introduction to the man and his bike

And let me just say that if it wasn't for Tom and his encouragment and insight... I don't think this blog would be what it is today.
Thanks Tom!


  1. hey man, any ideas on the best 5 spd kick conversion kit out there? Billet Bilt doesn't have anything online that I could find. I got a 94 fxr and I'm inspired..

  2. Scratch that itch Chuckie!

    The old Chrome Specialities stuff is available from CCI. I have one that I did the machining on to ensure it fits, I'd sell it for $200, trouble is that it's the main shaft extension type. I bought all of Billet Bilt's stock when they quit and have since sold them all.

    I have three kits sitting here from CCI that have a new one piece main shaft. I have not installed one yet, I will be putting one on Playa's FXR soon. I've been waiting for this one piece shaft set up for a while, one of the kits is for my bike. Cost is approximately $520 for your bike.
    My rep at CCI is Dorca, #800-359-5700 extension
    #5874, he's real good people, can't sell direct, but he can tell you who may have some in your hood. Talked to him today, he has them in stock. These one piece main shaft kits should be the best.

    You'll not regret a kicker.

    Tom Rose

    You can let Birdman know if you need to get ahold of me... he can direct your corespondence.