Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cool Panhead on knobbies from the Streektracker blog.
LIGHT, SKINNY, FAST, GROUND CLEARANCE, high pipes, mid pegs, magneto, could use some front brakes... as usual... does dirt?


  1. Dig this fucking blog, this is always a great spot for inspiration!

    Can anyone lend some advice on how to change a yamaha xs650 to kick only?

    I have found a couple articles, but none of them are that great, and they make no mention of powering the lights on the bike,

    again, solid stuff here, really appreciated!


  2. I assume you mean "how to convert an XS650 to kick only, and lose the battery." Right?

    Here is one way to do it:

    another way to do it is to swap in a magneto setup from a Yamaha Blaster quad. (I think... it's been a while since I looked.)
    Do a seach or two in here:


    Unless you are just wondering how to take off the starter and kickstart it with a battery still on the bike... in that case all you have to do is unbolt the starter, remove the two gears that engage the starter to the crank (under the little cover that is underneath your clutch cover on the left hand side) and then install a cheap rubber style freeze plug into the hole.
    I've done that one all of my XS650's.

  3. Oops... I mean I have done that too all of my XS650's.

  4. Sorry bird I'm still green as hell I have to admit.

    But yeah what I meant was making it kick only and dumping the battery,

    I have been checking those sites out, and I'm going to start getting to work on this bastard...

    thanks Bird!

  5. No problem. we all have to start somewhere!
    Good luck!