Saturday, March 13, 2010

Really cool inpirational bikes!

Ok, it's been a while since I saw some bikes that REALLY got me wound up to build something new... but these nasty 2 stroke monsters are wicked!
For years I have wnated to build some 2 stroke choppers, as well as thumpers, and really small displacement 4 stroke twins.... but I have kinda pushed those ideas to the back of the list... but WOW does the Coconut customs blog get me excited!
(bonus sporty burnout pic included.)
Oustanding nasty, icky, road warrior choppers!
Hats off guys... great work.


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  2. My bad, can i have some info on your buddy, or a link or something so i can post that pic seperate with credit where credit is due?
    I love that thing!
    Anymore pics?

  3. Ya man,I just talked to him on the phone and he said he'll be on here in a little bit to weigh in on it.I'll tell him to let you know his info.Thanks man,good lookin out.Keep up the good work.

  4. Outstanding!
    I am REALLY intersted in that bike... would love to have him fill us in about it... and any more pics would be awesome!
    Thanks for the heads up on the mix up!

  5. He just sent you a message he told me,I sent one too.Thanks a lot.

  6. hay thanks a lot man! we appreciate the shout-out! i've actually been redoing a bunch of my shit because of some stuff you have posted here. you have a point about bikes needing to be bullet-proof and ready for anything.

  7. No, thank you! Like I said, I have always wanted to build a ringding attack chopper, but have de-prioritized it... thanks to you guys, I am bumping it up my list, and going to check out my boneyard and see if my DT1, F3 or KDX250 motors can be salvaged!

    El Paintero... never got the message from your buddy... if he had trouble with the Blog comment widget, or something he is more than welcome to just email me at
    Thanks man!