Monday, July 5, 2010

Rigids being used

Got this message from one of the guys at Coconut Customs:

The trip down to the smoke out is even more proof that even an idiot like myself can ride a chopper long distance. When the trip was all said and done I bagged about 2,300 miles in a week on a hard tailed ironhead. And aside from a sore neck, monkey butt and a loose lifter block (quickly fixed) it went just fine. keep spreading the good word!

Atta boy! That's some good adventurin right there... rigids can be used people.
They aren't all the horrible, kitten killing, body busting, mind numbing, torture devices that you have been led to believe... you can do it... you can ride one to work.To play. To another town. To another state...


  1. Ditto. Hardtailed my '96 Honda Magna. She ain't a show bike, but she got me to the SOE and back, via the OBX. Prob 1000 miles rountrip. Need better bars so I don't lean so far forward, but still had a blast. Looking forward to the Gypsy Run next.

  2. You got that right! Love my rigid Ironhead, and the O/L wants a bagger and I suppose I have to get one. But i'll keep my chop, just for that reason!