Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Total Heros: My Brothers in the NFK

Ok ,so awhile ago I did an interview with my buddy MotoYan for Jeff Wright on his Church of Choppers blog.
Jeff could only run so many photos on there and I have tons of them. And, I love, love, LOVE Yans photography. Soooo... I am going to post a bunch of them with the interview here.
If you can't see why all the NFK members are so inspirational to any Attack Chopper project and to my Attack Chopper philosophy... then you aren't paying attention.
Besides... Tokyo itself is a huge influence on my philosphy as well.
What better way to see what Tokyo and Tokyo bikes look like than to go straight to the source!
Go see Yan's amazing blog here : http://nfkffnfk.blogspot.com/


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  1. Great article/interview. I was always fascinated by Yan, NFK, the photography, and the life style. Glad someone finally did the interview to let us all into their world. Great coverage, more to come I hope....