Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Random inspirational bikes

Cool board track inspired, dual carb, magneto powered Shovel swiped from the excellent BCM blog... have you been there yet? Go there:
LIGHT, SKINNY, FAST, magneto, no battery, mid pegs, high pipes... if only it had some working brakes, decent forks, ground clearance, and some wider more practical bars....oh well.


  1. Hey Ben
    The photos on my FLICR pages are either stolen, borrowed, on loan, or shot by me. They came from anywhere & everywhere most of which I don't recall.
    I keep them because I was inspired by a single small detail, a complete bike, or the photo itself. Very little of the content is mine and although the account exists to share beware that someone might come knocking on your digital door.

  2. Thanks for the warning and for putting them up for everyone in the first place!
    Yeah, I also realize that there may be issues with using photos that I do, and I try to give credit and be respectful of peoples intellectual property when I know where they came from and I will oblige and remove any photos that anyone objects to me using.
    I certainly do not care to violate anyones rights!
    Thanks again and keep up the good work on the blog and Flickr page!

  3. That is one of the best looking boobers ever seen!