Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random inspirational photo

Yes, I KNOW this isn't what you would expect to see on this blog.
I KNOW you don't think this has anything to do with rigid frames or performance, or about going fast, handling good or being light or skinny.... but it does.
And I tell you why.
These two guys are having adventures.
You know why?
Because they are DOING IT.
They are out there on bikes that most people would say that can't be used to travel long distances or to go "Adventuring" on.
Let me tell you something... the adventure is in the riders and his willingness to "Have an adventure today".
It's not in the bike, the situation, or the location.
These guys took off on what they had... they didn't pine for a 28,000 dollar BMW or KTm... they just took off and did it.

People say you shouldn't do big miles on a scooter or a Enfield.
People say you can't travel or commute, or use a rigid framed motorcycle as a legitmate form of transportation.
I say they are wrong.
I say you can AND you should.
You aren't depriving yourself of back pain, and discomfort, or vibration... you are depriving yourself of ADVENTURE.

Get out there and do it.


(The Enfeild shot is from the web somewhere and the scooter guy was somebody from New Jersey that was traveling through my town in Nebraska and those are the only shots I was able to get of him... I never did get to stop him and talk to him.... cest la vie I guess.)

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