Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rigid frames being used as actual transportation...

AND... Adventure bikes just the same.
(For the record I would like to state that I believe EVERY motorcycle can be an "adventure bike" if the owner would simply "go have an adventure" on it.)

Ever ridden in 70 below zero?
How about on a rigid shovel and pan?

These are the same guys who rode two Rigid pans through Panama in 1996...

incendentally... if someone can read German and access this article and send me the pics and translate for me... I would be eternally gratefull:

Anyway... these guys rule.



  1. rad!!!!! Did you see this one?

  2. NOpe!
    Gonna have to check it out!

  3. Hey Bird - they actually have a english version on their site now... if you go to the bottom of the article they have a day by day account of the whole trip... I actually did a post on my blog about it being that I'm from Panama. These guys do rock! by the way... you have a great blog, I've been following it for a while... keep posting inspiration!

  4. Oh man! good call!
    I will have to check it out!