Monday, October 19, 2009

Key inspirational bikes: hard Life bikes Grandma shovelhead

So I guess it's called Grandma... could be named chopped liver for all I care.
Killer, killer bike.
I wont even go on my usual rant about more front brakes, or magnetos, or no batterys... I love this Shovel!

LIGHT, SKINNY, FAST, GROUND CLEARANCE, HANDLES GOOD, mid pegs, high pipes, jockey shift

Nice work dude.... make sure to some riding pics, or have somebody take some, or whatever... nevermind... just take pics.

Ask and you shall recieve! Lookie what I got!

Thanks man!


  1. please stop tempting my husband! even i think it is cute.

  2. bwa, ha, ha....nope!
    I will never stop!