Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random inspirational bikes

Ok, folks... my memory is going, and it's been a REAL busy week. My posts have been suffering. People have been correcting me right and left.. (did you catch that one where I called an Evo a Knucklehead? Man, I dont' know WHAT happened there. I plead insanity.)
Anyway, my mind has been on vacation this last 20 posts or so... I have been losing track of where I have been finding shots and forgetting who I am, ect., ect.

So I can't recall where I found this shot. Mulligan Machine, Slice and dice customs, ebay?
Who knows. You just go check everybody's blog out OK?

Bottom line is this: I like it. And I can't remember where I got it.

You might notice a few more XS choppers on here lately.
That's because I have been getting closer to getting started on my next XS chopper.
Well, I got a email from Flynch this week, and he offered to sell me back my old XS chopper that I sold him years ago.
So, I guess once I round up the cash for it, I will be WAAAYYYY ahead of schedule and I will have a new project!
So, I have been looking at more Xs pics lately and they have ended up on here.

So.... all that just to say:
I like this project shot a lot.

Tight, tight little chopper project.

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