Wednesday, January 13, 2010

REPOST: Key inspirational bikes: Jarhead Robs Landshark

I got to thinking back on last year, and about some of my favorite bikes, and the one bike that REALLY jumped out at me was Jarhead Rob's killer landshark attack chopper.
This thing has it all... except for a magneto and some front brakes!
well, enjoy it again guys... I know I sure am.

OK folks THIS is how its done! Sit up and take notes!
There will be a test later.
Thanks to Rob for taking the time to send me the photos and words... great work man.
Totally love it.

Rob says: "It's got a Spartan 4130 chromoly frame, S&S 111" motor(square), 5 speed ART hydraulic kicker, dual 4 piston calipers on a 11.5" floater, Blackbike wheels, Kings dual sport tires, Flanders flat tracker bars with a dirt bike throttle and grips and Brembo hand controls(rear brake only, bmx style), WP steering damper, narrow glide with Race Tech .90k springs and gold valve emulators, high midmounts with Fastway dirtbike platform pegs, Fox Floater air shock under the seatpan...This bike is what I call "the definition of hell on wheels." It's 430 lbs wet, 120hp, trail is 5", 6.25" ground clearence, you can drift corners dirt track style, jump off curbs, down stairs, through ditches, fields, etc. Keep up the good work with the blog, great minds think alike! Function over fashion and pretty is, as pretty does!!! Thanks, Rob"

Excellent work Rob.
Thanks again.
LIGHT, SKINNY, FAST, GROUND CLEARANCE, HANDLES GOOD, STOPS GOOD, TOUGH, does dirt, mid pegs, high pipes, looks fairly crashable!
Rob you go straight to the the front of the class!

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