Monday, July 6, 2009

Random inspirational bikes

I really dig on this XS650.
I believe this guys name is E. A. Hatch.
He built the bike and took most of the pics himself.
Two different bar and tank combos are pictured here.
Slighty higher mid pegs are a subtle but nice touch, and the right side jockey shift with a hand clutch is probably much more logical than I have ever given it credit before.
And it is most certainly a thousand percent better than the stupid hand clutch mounted on the hand shift lever setup I see nowadays.
And as I have said before: personally I won't run a springer anymore, and will always go for the best working,lightest, and nicest hydraulic forks I can afford and find.
BUT... if I had the choice between a Girder and a Springer? It would be the Girder every time.
(I was acutally holding on to a Girder INDENTICAL to this one for a XS chopper project for years... finally sold it last year.)
And the word on the web is that this guy pours the miles on this tastefull chopper.
And thats what I really want to hear anyway.

(Oh, and just a quick question that has always plauged me: So, when you run front brakes on a Girder, you acutally have divorced braking forces on your suspension and you are able to slam on the brakes with ZERO suspension dive in the corners... so how come I never see anyone take advantage of this?
Man, I see more spool hubs on girders... dude... I would be rockin the biggest, gnarliest radial mounted twin rotors with 6 piston calipers that I could find if I ran a Girder.)

ANYWAY... Rant over.
LIGHT, FAST, SKINNY, HANDLES GOOD, GROUND CLEARANCE, high pipes, mid pegs, jockey shift

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