Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I promised myself I wouldn't do this...

..but I have to say it. I am just so disgusted that I can't take it anymore.
What is wrong with people?
Seriously folks... words have meanings and I realize you can warp, twist, distort, destroy and maim the english language all you want and it's just slang... but come on!
I don't call Hilary Clinton by the name "George Washington" because there is person who exists in space time, that is in truth; "Hilary Clinton".
I don't care how you percieve her in your relative, subjective, culture laden perception... she is still ...in truth... NOT George Washington!

So what are you people doing?
These are NOT, ....repeat NOT.... Bobbers.

I know that it is totally fabu these days to deny reality, deny history, deny truth, deny fact, deny the posibillity of any FORM of certainty in any way...but listen carefully post modern boy:
I don't care what you say... there IS a historical, real, honest to goodness, witnessed and recorded style of custom motorcycle in space time history that did exist and it was called a Bobber.... and your totally ridiculous, asinine bikes are ABOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE THOSE BIKES!


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