Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And a little dose of respect...

... I just want to throw this out there:
Roland Sands may not build bikes that I agree with every time... but the guy does not hesitate to ride his stuff hard, or to have fun with any motorcyle... which I cannot argue with.


  1. As far as I know he did. I never saw any crash photos on his FLickr page! Some other dude dude the same jump with his softail that Roland built for him... I think it was a pro skater...

  2. yeah he made it..dropped in on the top of the bank though..fucked his wrist up knarly... known him since we were like 5, and he loves motorcycles, just like a lot of us..

  3. Excellent. Thanks for the comment man. Good to know.

  4. heres a video of the jump: