Thursday, December 31, 2009

Key inspirational photographer

Alright fellas, you have heard me talk about MotoYan and his photos, and I have mentioned that he is amoung the many photographers out there that I respect and who inspire me photographically. (As I have told you before I am a huge photo geek.)

I realized today that I have never mentioned who any of those other photographers are!
So here is me fixing that right now.

Here are some photos that I borrowed ... (Honest Josh! I will give them back!)... from Josh Kurpius.

One of my OTHER favorite motorcycle and motorcycle culture photographers.
Josh is the bomb guys.
I know many of you have seen his work before, and this is old news, but I don't care. Josh deserves all the publicity and credit he can get.
He is out there living the life, working it and totally ruling with his camera and his VERY 70's Ironhead longbike. (And he just bought another one too!)
On top of being an outstanding photographer, he is a great blogger and really knows what to put out there to keep you reading and checking in.
Hey man... not everyone knows WHAT to photograph, can GET to what needs to be photographed, knows HOW to photograph it AND can write about it... Josh rules.
He's the whole package baby.

So this is me handing out bucketloads of respect to the man, the myth, the legend... the Kid Kurpius.
Absolutely outstanding work Sir... thanks for always putting your work out there for all of us to see for free... and inspiring me personally. We all love ya out here in internetland.
Keep it up!

Check out his site:
and the blog he contributes too: Kemosabe and the Lodge... good stuff people. And you gotta respect a man who takes shots with a full size pro bodied DSLR on his long bike... that ain't easy folks... trust me.

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