Sunday, November 28, 2010


...and I'm continuing on with my series of scans of key bikes that inspired me from old Iron Horse magazines.

Today I thought we would look at Soupla's HFC Shovel from NYC. I will always remember this bike as the very first bike that made me want to run apehangers.
Up to that point I thought they were cool, but not for me.
Sure, I loved David Mann paintings but still... I just didn't think they were THAT cool.
ALl that changed with the HFC feature. This bike went to the top of the list for me as soon as I saw it.
Course the open chain primary didn't hurt it either... this was also the first time I had seen that.
This was such a great feature, with awesome pics and a great locations as well.
It made such an impression on me that I drew this up in art class that year.

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