Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Key inspirational bikes... from Iron Horse

I recently found my old stash of Iron Horse magazines that had been MIA for years and am getting myself all giddy with the old girls.
These magazines were the NUMBER ONE influence on my chopper world view, and have made me the chopper man I am today. If not for this magazine, and the writing of Flynch... I would ...well, I don't even want to think about that.
I thought I would scan in a few of the old articles and bikes that really influenced me over the years, and let some of you who never had the privelage of reading these old mags ...get a peek at what made me the messed up guy that I am today.
I have a lot more to scan in... but this should be enough for today.


  1. Thank you! Great stuff, that I never would have seen otherwise.

  2. i got that i.h with tom's fxr ill send it to you as long as you keep posting bikes like the last few posts lol

  3. Oh dude! Really?
    Rock on! I'll send it back when I am done... and yes... I will scan more bikes from the old IH's if you are diggin them that much!

    Shoot me an Email:

    Thanks dude.

  4. im sending you some pics of Joels FXR