Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pete Seibert's Evo Attack chopper

Pete's rockin Evo chopper has always been there in the back of my mind. I have always loved this bike, and unlike many bikes that I admired over the years... I got updates on this one a few times over the years.
Pete cleaned it up a bunch by the second feature for Iron Horse, but there was allready talk of making it lighter, faster, and kick only.
I always wondered if Pete met Tom Rose, and that was the reason for the planned modifications, or if Pete was so inclined before he met the magneto man?
But unfortunetely I cannot find the 3rd update that was on years later... I do have one pic of it from an article that Flynch had posted in THBC of it parked at his house next to the pond.
From the looks of the bike... it was kick only, had up high shotguns, floorboards, a Dual throat carb, and even more lightening mods.
It was in this final stage that I really fell in love all over again.
I only wish I had more info and pics for you... like a final weight!

Maybe Flynch will hop on here and comment and tell us some riding impressions or stories about the bike!

I really love when I get a chance to see a nice Attack chopper evolve. A lot of times you can see the owners mind a work as he eliminates what doesn't work, what is to heavy, what is to cluttered, what needs to be strengthened and what is ergonomically unacceptable. I go through the same process on every bike I have ever owned, but it always seems more thoughtful and more interesting on a chopper that gets ridden in anger and/or used for commuting and/or big miles.
Refinment, balance, problem solving... I love to see it at work.
Not many people get things right the first time... we all need to research and develop.
Choppers that get put through the crucible of big miles, commuting, and fast riding get refined every time something breaks.
Every time you get off after a big ride and change your ergos.
Every time you lower your center of gravity another inch.
Every time you narrow it a little bit more.
Every time you raise those pipes up a bit higher.

You crank up the heat, let all that steel come to a boil and when that weak tab breaks, that set of forward contols become too heavy, the pipes scrape just a bit to much, you just keep skimming off the impurities off the top of the steel... until you are left with the purest, strongest, lightest, most focused weapon for every day Attack chopper riding you can possibly build.

At any rate... this was one of the key bikes that led me to be where I am today.
And once again...I wouldn't know a thing about it if it wasn't for Flynch!

And the final version...well, at least the last I saw of it!
I know Flynch still rides with Pete once and awhile, and it would be wonderful to see some more pics of the old Evo before Pete sold it, but I don't think Pete is to fond of trading Jpegs...

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