Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random external inspiration... VERY random

So there is 14" of snow on the ground here.
Ice all over the place, and the temps are hitting -12 some days.
I am as broke as you can get, still without my main computer, not able to ride my bike, no time to work on the bike even if I did have some money for parts, and I am limited to riding in 4 wheeled vehicles for a while.
(no money for ice studs and a mostly bald back tire does not make for a good snow bike!)
I have been making plans for my bikes and trying to see down the road far enough to allow myself to imagine buying my old XS650 chopper project back... but my eyesight isn't that good.
And I can't find my binoculars.

So, 4 wheeled contraptions have been in the front of my mind these days.
Not only are they keeping me sane, but there has been a fair bit of inspiration going on, and I am really enjoying the new input and how they have been influencing my bike ideas.
I decided to share, and then it got REALLY random.
So here you go... absolutely random 4 wheeled external inspiration for your consumption.


  1. DUDE WE MISS YA...!!! Keep the logs on the fire an the wolf from the door buddy...some serious car stuff ya got going on...i luv it well being irish i dig all the old rally stuff anyhow...KEEP ER LIT..!!!

  2. Thanks man!
    I will try my best to keep the wolves at bay!

    I plan on doing a little scanning action with a certain batch of European Ford magazines that some dude from Ireland sent me sometime soon! ;-)