Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bike for sale, and Key bike of influence: Weber powered XS650

OK, two things here:
One. Freind and AMAZING photographer from the Netherlands; Limpe Iven is selling his XS650 Chopper and here is a link:

And two:
He sent this pic of a awesome XS650 Attack Chopper:
LIGHT, FAST, SKINNY, HANDLES GREAT, STOPS GREAT, GROUND CLEARANCE, Weber carb, ported heads, balanced crank, Exel wheels, mid pegs, great suspension. This is MY kind of XS650!
Thanks Limpe! Keep up the good work!
Everyone go check out his photos... totally awesome photographer!


  1. Bird;
    Check out the rest of the pics at my buddy`s blog;
    Hit`em for bigger sizes.

    Thanks for the link !

    Greetings from The Netherlands !

  2. Thx for the add man ,

    great comments ...

    Cheers Guzzmen