Friday, May 22, 2009

Fantastic Blogs and AMAZING photos!

Guys, I'm a photo geek. Deal with it.
So here are two blogs from Gary Griffin that are absolutely outstanding.
Check em out and buy his book "Idle hands" when it comes out.

I swiped a few shots of Gary's (the first three are off of Trents site and I don't know who took them.) of this nice Attack Knuckle built and owned by Trent at Atomic Customs.
Check out his site and his work:

LIGHT, SKINNY, FAST, DOES DIRT, handles good?, ground clearance?, stops good?, jockey shift, mid pegs


  1. Ha! Trent is a ruler. Here's a crappy video I shot last year following him through the mtns of New Mexico:

  2. Nice! Thanks for the link man!