Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Key locations of influence: Nürburgring

One of the longest, most famous, most dangerous and craziest tracks in the world, located in Germany and open to the public every day, you can pay somthing like 14 Euros and run the track as fast as you can manage. All day long if you can afford it.
It's about 14 miles long and has about 147 corners.


I've been obsessed with this track for years. I have driven it on Gran Turismo 4 and Forza 2 hundreds of times.(Yes, I play video games sometimes. Get over it. Oh, and in case you havn't heard: some of the new chopper builders rides skateboards too! Take a deep breath... it will be ok. I promise.)
now matter how many times I drive this track in those games I still suck at it. There are people who have driven aroudn the ring thousands of times.
Someday I hope to run a nicely setup Attack chopper around the ring a few times.

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