Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Key bikes , cool guys of influence AND great photography: Max Schaff and Jasin Phares

Two cool builders who have some great Frisco choppers. Shots swiped from The Flying Dutchman, Scott Pommier, Adam Wrights Blog and various other places.
Here is Max's blog:
You REALLY should check out these guys sites. GREAT photography.
Here is the Flying Dutchmans blog:
Here is Scott Pommiers site:
Here is Adam Wrights Blog:


  1. Just an FYI

    The 28th pic down is of Jeff Worms front end on his current bike taken at the Bash.

    I'm digging your blog.

  2. Oop! Good call man. Thanks for the heads up!
    I'll get that one out of there...